New Podcast Series for People Exploring Christianity

By Gospel in Life

Questioning Christianity with Tim Keller launches May 3

On May 3rd, we will begin a new special Podcast series — Questioning Christianity with Tim Keller — specifically designed for people who are exploring Christianity, but don’t yet have a personal faith in Christ. 

This limited-series podcast helps listeners who don’t identify as Christian, work through tough questions related to God, faith, meaning, and truth.

This series of talks was given by Tim Keller in 2019 where Dr. Keller spoke with a local live gathering in New York City made up of attendees who did not identify as Christian and their Christian friends who invited them.

“It would be great if we could just find a place where we could talk with each other about religion without yelling at each other. I’m seeking to be respectful to all points of view, but each week I’m going to present a thesis and recommend Christianity as something worthy of you to believe.” 
— Tim Keller, Questioning Christianty 

Dr. Keller addresses universal topics to help listeners reason through their worldview by responding to questions like:

  • Can there be moral absolutes?
  • Does life have meaning beyond what I make of it?
  • Can hope exist in the face of death?

We encourage our Christian listeners to subscribe and share the podcast with friends and family who don’t identify as Christian. You can listen to the trailer and subscribe by going to or search “Questioning Christianity with Tim Keller” wherever you listen to podcasts.

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