Susan Nacorda Stang

Tim Keller Discusses Writing His New Book on Forgiveness (Video)

By Susan Nacorda Stang

I have to see that I have a need for forgiveness because I am a sinner. Now, that’s sort of negative. That’s humility. That helps toward forgiving other people when you realize “I’m a sinner too”. But that’s the bad news. The good news is the cost of forgiveness. What God went through, what Jesus went through in order to get you that forgiveness and to forgive you freely. And that fills you with grateful joy, and there’s a need for both the humility and the joy.

Friendship, Community and Compassion Leads Others to Christ

By Susan Nacorda Stang

Even though I turned her down, she befriended me, and over the next few months, she and her friends became my friends. I was attracted to the way they loved one another and me, and was often amazed by their generosity and care. I eventually accepted one of their many invitations to come to church because I grew to trust them and love their community. About a year later, in large part thanks to their persistence, I became a follower of Jesus.

Taste and See

By Susan Nacorda Stang

How did you first become a follower of Christ or interested in Christianity? For most, if not all of us, someone said something, did something or brought us somewhere, and a process began.