Gospel-Changed Hearts

God Is with Me through Every Prayer and Challenge

By Jessica Oldham

Looking back on my attitude, I’ve realized that I thought that when God answered one prayer that it would mean that His will for the entire process would line up with my will. When we begin to view each situation through the lens of the cross, we gain a full perspective of how God works out his will even through pain and suffering.

How God Gave Me a Home

By Neil Weiss

In 2017, I became homeless, living in my car. I lived in my car up until the end of September, when I sold it for some money. I had lost everything—my family, my friends. When you’re homeless, you are a non-person. You’re invisible—people don’t see you.

How God Works in a Data and Efficiency-Driven World

By Michelle Choi

I’m a data and analytics consultant, involved in various types of work, most recently advising companies on what data to track and how to personalize people’s experiences with it. If anyone understands the gravity of privacy, it is the people who synthesize and use data in their line of work. The cultural mandate to “be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it” has emphasized the responsibility I have to continually research, question and advise either for or against methods of tracking, technology and usability.