Gospel-Changed Minds

God, Freedom, and Love

By Dr. Timothy Keller

Today, many Christian believers—who often share virtually identical doctrinal beliefs—are just as divided as Christians in Corinth over how to relate to our increasingly pagan culture even though the issues are often presented as political.

Justice in the Bible

By Dr. Timothy Keller

Biblical justice is rooted in the very character of God. When we look at what the Bible says about justice we see that God not only punishes evildoing, but through mercy and grace he also restores those who are victims of injustice. Biblical justice is characterized by: radical generosity, universal equality, life-changing advocacy, and asymmetrical responsibility.

A Biblical Critique of Secular Justice and Critical Theory

By Dr. Timothy Keller

Which justice? There have never been stronger calls for justice than those we are hearing today. But seldom do those issuing the calls acknowledge that currently there are competing visions of justice, often at sharp variance, and that none of them have achieved anything like a cultural consensus, not even in a single country like the US. It is overconfident to assume that everyone will adopt your view of justice, rather than some other, merely because you say so.

The Sin of Racism

By Dr. Timothy Keller

Biblically, sin is anything that falls short of God’s will and glory, that violates his law and his character (1 John 3:4; Romans 3:23). There are at least four ways in which what we will be calling racism is a violation of God’s glory and therefore is a sin. It is sin.

Interview: Rebecca McLaughlin

By Gospel in Life

In this interview Rebecca McLaughlin talks about some of the inspiration for writing her book Confronting Christianity and some of the insight she’s gained in her life that led her to address the hardest questions that Christians face today. As she talks about her experiences you will learn how and why she believes that Christianity is objectively the best hope for the modern world.

RTS NYC Is Training Women to Serve the Urban Church

By Jay Harvey

Since 2015, Reformed Theological Seminary has partnered with Redeemer City to City to raise up leaders for ministry in New York City. Approximately 40% of those leaders are women whose lives and communities are being influenced by their theological education. Part of the vision of RTS New York City was to keep New Yorkers in […]

The Bible and Race

By Dr. Timothy Keller

Next to sex and gender, the subject of race is the most discussed topic in our culture today. Storms of rhetoric and conflict swirl around it every day in politics, the arts, business, the media, and especially social media. It is natural and right for Christians to speak in these conversations out of their personal experience, but since we believe that the Bible has the right to interpret our experience and to critique every culture, we must look to it as our final authority.