Fall 2023

Timothy J. Keller Memorial Service

By Gospel in Life

A worship service of praise to God for Tim Keller’s life and ministry was held on Tuesday, August 15, 2023. If you were not able to see the service and would like to, you can watch it here.

A Story of a Changed Life

By Ellie Ellsworth

I cried for two whole years, going to Redeemer. I kept going. I began to hear the word, and I think that the turning point for me was, “This thing you’re feeling down inside of you, that you can’t get to, has a name, and that name is sin.”

An Actor Brings His Faith Into His Work

By Christina Stanton

Christians in the arts—theater, dance, music, etc.—face suspicion from both their colleagues and from their fellow Christians. Max McLean’s story is one of immersing himself in theater and finding a better way with the gospel, of both pursuing his calling and honoring his Lord.

How Gospel Community Can Overcome Loneliness

By Dr. Rebecca McLaughlin

In light of scripture, and with the night of painful isolation all around, I want to argue that we need to reimagine three things: First, how we operate at church; second, how we conceive of family; and third, how we relate to singleness. The loneliness pandemic is severe. We Christians know the cure. And we are disobeying Jesus if we fail to administer it.