Spring 2021

Video: Hope in Times of Fear – a new book by Tim Keller

By Gospel in Life

In this interview with Tim Keller hosted by Susan Nacorda-Stang, you can listen to a discussion about Dr. Keller’s new book, Hope in Times of Fear: The Resurrection and the Meaning of Easter, including why he wrote it, why it is timely and how we can have hope and assurance in difficult circumstances by having a deeper and fuller understanding of the meaning of Christ’s resurrection.

My Spiritual Journey to Believing the Gospel

By Chynna Phillips Baldwin

You might be thinking, “but I thought you had that powerful experience with Jesus in the bathroom at the Baptist church as a kid?” You’re right–I did. But it had been many years since then and my heart had been hardened toward the Lord. So when Stephen and Kennya frequented our home toting their Bibles, I was thinking, “this is a bit extreme, I mean it’s one thing to call yourself a Christian, but this is a whole other ball of wax, this is just TOO MUCH.”

A Book Review on the Topic of Christian Nationalism

By Dr. Timothy Keller

During the January 6 storming of the Capitol, rioters exhibited Christian symbols and offered public prayer. Since then the working assumption of the mainstream media is that evangelicalism has now been revealed to be a white American supremacist insurrectionist force, committed to keeping power even if it means overturning democratic processes. The term “Christian nationalist” is now being used to describe white evangelicals. Is that accurate? Are the two terms essentially two ways to describe the same people?