Winter 2021

God Is with Me through Every Prayer and Challenge

By Jessica Oldham

Looking back on my attitude, I’ve realized that I thought that when God answered one prayer that it would mean that His will for the entire process would line up with my will. When we begin to view each situation through the lens of the cross, we gain a full perspective of how God works out his will even through pain and suffering.

Forming a Changed Community through Music

By Harrison Hollingsworth

We’ve learned that exclusively singing as a scattered church is woefully inferior to regularly singing as a gathered church. For eight months, I never heard my brothers and sisters voices join mine as we sang our sorrows or proclaimed God’s praises. In our perfect resurrection bodies, in God’s perfectly restored creation, we will sing together more skillfully and joyfully than we can imagine.

God, Freedom, and Love

By Dr. Timothy Keller

Today, many Christian believers—who often share virtually identical doctrinal beliefs—are just as divided as Christians in Corinth over how to relate to our increasingly pagan culture even though the issues are often presented as political.